Ameer & Adnan Pharmaceuticals


Brief Introduction to the Company

Ameer & Adnan, Pharmaceutical Industry, was established on Feb, 2014, by Mr. Adnan Ghani & Mr. Aamir.

Milestone Achieved

The company has progressively extended to encompass a work force of over 100 employees. Each of them provides a unique business perspective, experience & skills, all valuable to the company. We have strong management team with diverse pharmaceutical, chemical & biotechnology backgrounds & customer service orientation.
The company received an exceptionally good response from the market. Our special emphasis is made on the procurement of Raw material, as we primarily believe that.


We in Ameer & Adnan are aware of that quality is the background of every business success and key factor of productivity and market competitiveness. Production and control of pharmaceuticals are carried out in compliance with GMP requirements and other international standards, thus assuring the quality and strict compliance with Quality management standards. From January 2018, Ameer & Adnan owns GMP certificate issued by the Ministry of Health of Republic of Pakistan.

ISO 9001:2015 standards

In end of 2018, reconstruction and modernization of factory was made, improving the capacities with new section (Design & Development) equipment for production of solid pharmaceutical forms (tablets & capsules). In November 2018, Ameer & Adnan certified its quality management system according to requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standards. The certification of our company was made also by certification company SGS. Ameer & Adnan manufacturing program is composed