Our Mission.
Our Mission
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Quality Products

We are annational pharmaceutical company built on a heritage of trust and credibility. We pledge to build on our legacy by working hard , on daily basis, to earn the trust of doctors , patients,business partners and stakeholders,

wherever we do business:

Doctors -By delivering assured quality, in every batch of every product, and by engaging in long term, win-win partnerships with them to help improve the standard of medical knowledge and the quality of patient care.

Patients - By our commitment that their quality of life is our most important concern, and that they will always get from us efficacious treatment at an accessible cost.

Shareholders - With the belief that their investment is in the hands of people they can trust, to use honestly and to the best of our abilities, providing them with accurate and complete disclosure.

Business Partners - With the conviction that with us, dealings will be fair and transparent, and commitments once made will always be honored.

Employees - With the knowledge that they work in a company that values them and believes strongly in their development, and gives them an environment where they are appraised and rewarded according to their performance. Nothing biased.